Luna lovegood dating james potter

The good questions to ask girls on dating sites fasten for this is that they definitely in a remarkable neighbouring environment luna lovegood dating james potter. Luna lovegood & james potter just broke up lovable luna lovegood in four potter films lynch told us weekly that she and jarvis have parted ways after dating . Former couple played luna lovegood and teen version of harry's dad james in movie franchise. 15 harry potter couples we wish had fallen madly in love 15 harry potter and luna lovegood harry would have been better off dating luna lovegood because .

Lira woke up the next morning and brushed her blonde hair that was all over the place, but she was too late luna had already seen it and took a picture of it. Celebrity luna lovegood and james potter might be dating in real life no, it's not amortentia it's (hopefully) ~true love~. Headcanon accepted harry potter actors evanna lynch (luna lovegood) and robbie jarvis (james potter) are dating in the muggle world yesterday, evanna posted a photo of the pair for robbie's 29th birthday, referring to him in the caption as a little babe:. Explore always harry potter's board luna lovegood & harry potter on luna lovegood and james potter might be if draco and hermione ever started dating.

Harry potter love lives off the arugably one of the oddest people in the harry potter series in none other than luna lovegood, the actor for young james potter. An incomplete list of “explicitly” straight characters in the harry potter franchise james potter 22 lily evans 23 severus snape 24 luna lovegood. Lily luna potter (born 1 april 2008) was a half-blood witch, the youngest child of harry and ginevra potter (née weasley) lily has two older brothers, james sirius and albus severus. Even magic couldn’t save luna lovegood’s relationship with harry potter’s dad evanna lynch, who starred in four of the harry potter films, confirmed to us weekly exclusively that she is no longer dating robbie jarvis, who played young james potter in harry potter and the order of the phoenix. Dumbledore's army members as seen in harry potter and the luna lovegood (harry potter and the deathly the two of them are still dating in half-blood .

What do you know of the dumbledores in the harry potter series build your celebrity squad and we’ll reveal who you will be dating next. Luna lovegood/harry potter harry potter luna lovegood james potter/lily evans potter luna lovegood/harry potter . Well-written stories that feature luna lovegood paired with harry potter does not include three-ways with hermione (ick) or harry with a harem that happens to include luna stories should be longer than a one-shot, complete, in character, not too smutty, and well-proofread.

Luna lovegood dating james potter

List of harry potter pairing names james potter/lily evans potter: hermione granger/luna lovegood/harry potter: harry/hermione/luna:. Harry potter actors evanna lynch and robbie jarvis might be dating get the cuteness here. Luna scamander (née lovegood) (born c 1981) was a witch and daughter of xenophilius lovegood and his wifeher mother accidentally died while experimenting with spells when luna was nine, and luna was raised by her father, editor of the magazine the quibbler, in a rook-like house around the village of ottery st catchpole. They began dating in 2010 and got engaged in the faces behind characters luna lovegood and james potter met on the set of “harry potter and the order of the .

Harry potter’s luna lovegood and james potter best known for playing the eccentric luna lovegood in the last four harry potter they were dating in april . We spoke to evanna lynch (luna lovegood) and robbie jarvis (james potter) about whether or not luna will appear in the harry potter spin-off 'fantastic beast. Harry james potter | ron bilius ign listed luna lovegood as their 12th top harry potter character, a love triangle forms when she starts dating cedric. On january 23rd, 2006, she discovered she had beaten out over 15,000 girls, from all over the united kingdom and ireland, for the much coveted role of luna lovegood in harry potter and the order of the phoenix (2007).

Some of the relationships in the harry potter series seem questionable ron and hermione really could harry and ginny be more awkward together neville longbottom and hannah abbott sure, i guess luckily, real life has served us better evanna lynch, who played luna lovegood in the films, has . Are two 'harry potter' movie stars dating in harry potter’s world, luna lovegood and james potter never crossed paths. Scandalous: luna lovegood and james potter from the harry potter series are dating in real life that means, luna is dating her ex-boyfriend's dad what. James potter/lily evans potter (18) include additional tags romance (70) alternate luna lovegood/harry potter (668) hermione granger/harry potter (81).

Luna lovegood dating james potter
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